Sunday, November 24, 2013

Traffic Is Down, But We Don't Care (In Fact, It was the Plan All Along)

We don't talk much about blogging here because 1) it is boring 2) no one cares. But for the 2-3 people who might be interested, a while back I went on a mini clean-up expedition and got rid of a bunch of the old posts that drew traffic for one reason or another, and that usually wasn't the intended reason. The post got stuck in some search engine and then we got a bunch of strange hits from people we don't care about, or on the other hand the posts were good but by people who weren't here on the blog any more to respond to the comments or carry on what the original posts were about. So I did what seems strange and deleted them.

The results seem pretty clear. Hits are down by about 1/2. Whoo-ee! It worked as designed.

This blog isn't like most things in that we aren't here to make money, and all three of us are super busy, and we just post when we want to. If you like it, good, and if you don't, then don't read it. We really do like the people that leave us smart comments, and are glad if you find our material interesting. Thanks for coming.

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