Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Book Review - "Unintimidated - A Governor's Story and a Nation's Challenge" by Governor Scott Walker

I just received Scott Walker’s new book and went to it right away. It is an interesting look at the time in and around the Wisconsin “protests” (I use quotation marks around the word ‘protest’ intentionally).

I expected more of an autobiography of Walker, and that is really the story that I wanted. It is always interesting to me to see how the formative years of people affect how they make decisions and treat others later in life. That is not what this book is about.

What this book is about is still an interesting topic. Walker goes in depth to explain just how bad former Governor Jim Doyle had left the State of Wisconsin’s finances due to accounting tricks and other gimmicks.
More importantly, Walker takes a deep dive to explain the scam that the unions were running with their automatic withdrawals of dues, monopolistic health insurance practices, overtime abuse, and other things – and how he was going to fix it.

Walker then goes in depth to explain what it was like during the “protests” and what was going on behind the scenes. He used the term “theater of the absurd” and that really hit home. Most (all?) of the “protests” were absolutely absurd.

As I was reading the book, I had to admit that I wasn’t really learning much of anything as far as the nuts and bolts of the legislation, “protests”, senators fleeing, and all the rest were concerned. I was actually at the capitol for much of the protests and have been following all of these things daily and I knew about all of the litigation and all the rest. But what was of interest to me were the personal stories of abuse that Walker and the Republican legislators were subjected to, including their families. Also of interest was Walker’s strength that he found in God and that he never wanted to go back or apologize to anyone for anything. He was doing what he thought was right, and decided to do his best and let the chips fall.

Walker also explains in detail the campaign during his recall and that this ad turned the tide:

Walker also takes a jab at Obama for not showing up to support Barrett in the recall election.

Toward the end, Walker seems genuinely angry at the Romney campaign for bungling, well, everything and goes into detail about what he did wrong, and how these things can be corrected moving forward.

I recommend the book so you can get an inside view of what the “protests” were like here in Wisconsin a few years ago, and to understand how Walker implemented his reforms to swing the state from an enormous deficit to a surplus today. His faith is featured throughout the book and he makes no apologies for what he has done.

It is an easy to read book that won’t take you long to plow through, especially if you find the subject matter interesting as I do. I hope to see a full autobiography on him in the future. Hopefully when he is sitting in the White House.

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Carl from Chicago said...

That was a good commercial. Unfortunately I'll bet you saw it a million times during the recall campaign.

Dan from Madison said...

The whole recall nonsense started about collective bargaining for public employees. When Walker was able to demonstrate that all of the reforms worked, the campaign instantly changed to other topics. This ad was basically responsible for that.

While Barrett struggled to bring Walker down with other things, Walker just kept saying over and over again to look how this is working. And that was that.

As an aside, the Republicans in 2014 need to use this in reverse for the elections, hanging Zerocare on the D's necks like the albatross that it is. Over and over and over. But I don't think they are that smart.

Dan from Madison said...

For you Carl, there is an interesting section in the book about Illinois and how to do it all wrong.

Carl from Chicago said...

Illinois exists to be a negative example for others. That used to be Michigan but now they have a Republican governor and are cleaning things up.

Anonymous said...

Still waiting for Guv'nor Scott to get his college degree. He won't be a White House candidate anytime soon, but you dudes can keep dreaming