Monday, October 14, 2013

Ten Years Hence

Today is the tenth anniversary of the Bartman incident at Wrigley Field.

This video is pretty good and shows all of the disgusting behavior directed at Bartman.  I had to laugh at Blago.

But it wasn't Bartman's fault for doing what every single person who was sitting there would have tried to do.  Two other guys were fighting him for the ball.

The media ganged up on him.  Dusty Baker hung him out to dry.  Alou made a ranting show to cover up the fact that he flied out in the seventh, costing his team runs.  The rest of the Cubs screwed the pooch after the play, especially Gonzalez.  The Cubs went on to lose game seven.  The fans were despicable.

Good bless Bartman.  Hope his life wasn't totally ruined.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Alou has since publicly confessed he had no chance to catch that ball, Bartman or not.

Dan from Madison said...

He might have caught it, he might not have. But the fact that he threw the fit to divert attention from his poor showing in the game is unforgivable, to me anyways.

But in the end, the ball was in the stands, the fans weren't in the field of play so the fans have just as much of a shot at it as do the players. The player is on his own when the ball is out of the field of play. Plain and simple.

Sk8 said...

Embarrassing behavior from top to bottom. Totally irresponsible by Blaggo, what a dirtbag.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Wrigley Field, the house that projectile vomit built.