Tuesday, June 18, 2013

This Blog

I embarked on a quixotic project to clean up some of the past posts on this blog.  I started way at the back (4000+ posts!) and am killing posts with dead links, organizing categories a bit, and the like.

While originally I viewed this as more of a housekeeping project I immediately was entertained by reading all the content again.  Dan started this blog way back in 2005 as a pioneer and Gerry and I are lucky to have joined him in this effort.

This project is going to take me a long time but I don't view it as a chore it is quite interesting and entertaining.  I am also going to take some of the great old posts and periodically resurface them as "Reruns" because they are worth another read.

It also is interesting to see our personal evolution as we moved away from some of the more combustable topics to the more quixotic and personal interest topics that we generally write about today.  While we aren't afraid to mix it up with anyone (Dan especially, in the old days for certain) life is too short to spend it arguing on certain topics.

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Dan from Madison said...

Agreed - most of my beginning material was political and I quickly realized that any idiot can do that nonsense. Much more interesting to me as far as blogging goes are the personal experiences, photos and other ephemera that detail living our lives in the Great Midwest.