Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Sal Would Have Liked This

Playing with my new iPhone camera there is a feature I was unaware of. It takes panorama photos.
The garage seemed like a good place to begin. I don't believe this could have been done with a wide angle, a fisheye lens or stitching multiple photos together to get this same result.

Went upstairs to make a few panos of the home office.
I can live with the distortion, it adds a Salvador Dali-esque flavor. In future panos I will try to leave enough room to crop out top and bottom edge distortion and/or un-distort in Photoshop.
The camera will capture 260 degrees but there is a cheap app or plug-in for sale that allows for full 360 degree images. Another feature is there is no need to grab all 260 degrees. Simply moving the camera to get the image I want and clicking the shutter shut will cease the image where I choose and also minimize distortion without any special lenses.

Here is a panorama how-to demo.

This will be useful when updating the LITGM masthead...coming soon.


Dan from Madison said...

How long ago did you get that moose in the garage?

Gerry from Valpo said...

Marty Moose has been hanging in the garage for over 20 years.

Carl from Chicago said...

Very cool glad you finally got an iphone! Can I start texting you now?

What possessed you to get into the 21st century :)