Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Around New York April 2013

Not only is Tom's Diner the background for Seinfeld, it inspired the Suzanne Vega song "Tom's Diner". More importantly, the remix version of "Tom's Diner" was called "The Mother of the MP3" because the guy that made the compression format used this song and worked on it over and over to use MP3 to build a faithful version of the sound.

This guy looks like he needs a bigger truck...

Speakers from space! Or being sold by Daft Punk.

This gentleman drives around NYC on weekends and people run out and bring him their knives to sharpen. Per this article he has been doing it for many years in his cool, custom truck.

Here is an entrepreneur in action, pawning his book on how to roll a bl*nt (don't want the traffic). He was certainly entertaining these (likely) tourists.

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