Saturday, February 16, 2013

What I Learned from the movie "Bachelor Party"

Recently it seems like all the movie channels have gone HD and I started to record old movies that I used to find funny and leave them on the DVR until it is late night some time and I've had a few drinks and they are quite entertaining. Here is what I learned from watching "Bachelor Party" from back in 1984:

1) this was before the VCR became ubiquitous. They attempt to watch their dirty movie on an old 8mm film on a screen (the girls had cut out the best parts). According to wikipedia this might be reasonable because only 10% of UK households had VCR's in the early 1980's. Note that even with the best parts cut out, it is plenty dirty compared to most of today's movies
2) pay telephones were everywhere, and everyone else used landline phones (true)
3) there was no mention of computers anywhere, and everything was done manually
4) the method of exchange was cash (especially for services rendered, although that probably is true today)
5) you had to actually go out and negotiate with a prostitute (and pimp) to get that sort of service. No Craig's list or online methods of any type.

As far as the movie itself, it got bad reviews in 1984 and when you look the movie up online it still retains those reviews. However, those reviews are useless because this movie is damn funny and actually is watchable in 2013 because bachelor parties haven't changed much and comedies were generally way less politically correct back then and there was way more raunch. This is also better in HD, as well.

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