Thursday, February 21, 2013

Rye Bread Bleg

Originally posted at Chicago Boyz - the comment thread there is interesting, and I thought I would post the original here as well.

When my grandmother died several years ago one of the things I wanted most when we cleaned out her house was the giant box of hand written recipes.  I got it.

Many of these go back to when she was a poor child back in the early twentieth century in Munich.

I was running through them the other day and found one for rye bread.

I have never made bread in my life, but I think this could be fun.  No bread machine here, we are going to do it the old fashioned way.

The directions look pretty straightforward.  But I have one question that maybe the ChicagoBoyz mind hive can help me with.

The first step is to start the yeast.  The card says to dissolve the yeast in warm water.  The ingredient list says to use one cup of water with "1 yeast".

I am guessing that one yeast means one packet of yeast?  Any help or advice you can provide is appreciated - below are photos of the recipe card.  You can click on them for larger versions.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Here's some info...

They're a bit pricey but the info is good. I suggest you purchase a large Kitchen Aide stand mixer, it will save you a bunch of time and is useful for lots of stuff. I use it to grind and make my own sausage.

Dan from Madison said...

I have my grandmas old one :)