Saturday, February 23, 2013

Old Technology

Recently I was out with a close family member (who actually knows a lot more about technology than I do) when he pulled out his phone and I started laughing out loud. He had an old Nokia phone, primarily used for making calls, that barely texts.

I hadn't seen one of these for years. When I first got my Nokia phone like that, I thought it was so cool, like something out of science fiction. A while back I read a post about a researcher for mobile phones who gave out phones from different brands to a bunch of teenagers to determine their reactions. While they avidly texted, downloaded applications, played games, etc... he said that he never saw them make a phone call. I've heard that it is generally considered rude by younger people to make a call, and they obviously prefer texting or some other sort of social media.

While at my local ACE hardware there was a wall of various physical cords, for telephones, televisions, home audio, and everything else in between. Note how dusty the co-axial cable switch box was. They must not "cull" their inventory often because all of this belongs in the dumpster or online for someone to get when they need an exotic part for some sort of ancient setup. About the only cord you'd need for most setups is an HDMI cable.

Today it is so much easier to just start over and go wireless from the start, or just get new technology that has a main jack to your internet outlet. The era of cabling is finally dying.


Jonathan said...

That's my phone.

Mark said...

I'm a 30-something database analyst that buys $10 tracfones at Walmart. I spend ~$20 per month on minutes and when the phone ends up in the toilet or left on the car roof, I just grab another one form Walmart. It's nice not being connected 24/7.

I just laugh to my self about broke relatives and friends that always have the latest $500 iPhones with a $150/month family plan... "but the phone is only $100 when you sign up for a contract!". Somebody's paying for that phone and if you don't know who... Sorry for the rant!