Saturday, January 19, 2013

Soundgarden Chicago Jan 29-30

Soundgarden, the seminal grunge / alternative rock band, is coming to Chicago at the Riveria theater on January 29-30. The Riveria holds about 2500 people and is right next to the far more popular and iconic Aragon (which holds about 4500). One (minor) gripe is that they are coming on a Tuesday - Wednesday it would be far better for them to come on a Friday - Saturday but I guess they have to stop somewhere on a school night (but why not Iowa?)

I saw Soundgarden at Lollapalooza in the summer of 2010 and they put on a fantastic show. Chris Cornell sounded fantastic and the band really seemed to click.

One of the best web features out there is Setlist which is a site where you can type in any band and see their set list for recent concerts. This is great in case you've lost your album / CD / cassette somewhere along the way and are missing a few songs in your collection - you can see what they are going to play and fill in any gaps from iTunes (or however you get your tracks). Along the way I lost my Badmotorfinger album and Louder Than Love so there were a few tunes that I was missing that I actually missed having.

Alice in Chains is also out there now with a new single "Hollow" which is great, too. Alice In Chains reformed with a new singer and I saw them a couple times with the new line up, but it is time for a new album from them, as well.

Hey even Nirvana reformed a bit if you want to count the Grohl / McCartney song at the concert for Sandy. I guess Alternative Rock is (kind of) back. Back means 2500 people a night in a major city like Chicago, so the stakes have gotten a lot smaller.

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