Wednesday, January 23, 2013

France 2012 Part Five

Writing about my summer in France has taken a bit of the chill out of winter here, and helped me to look forward to another wonderful two weeks in France this June/July. This day, we set out to ride the Col de Port. This isn't as much of a brute as hills like Plateau de Beille, but it is very, very long. And god was it hot this day.

As always, there are all sorts of animals on the mountains to keep you entertained as you are making the long slog up.

I thought that Col de Port was prettier than most climbs.

When we got to the top I was totally gassed from the heat. I scarfed a gel, water and a Coke.
While I was up there, I took this photo. It is the best photo I have ever taken in France and I had it blown up for my wall at home.

On the way back to the cabins from Col de Port I bonked. For those not familiar, it is when you simply run out of gas/energy and hit "the wall". I don't bonk often, since I train very hard, but the heat from the previous days and this day had taken its toll. One of the tour guides hung back with me as I made my way back to Vicdessos at a snails pace. I made it, and was glad to sit down in the shade for a bit.

Here is a link to the Garmin data and route.

Saddle Time: 3 hr. 56 min. 7 sec.
49.22 miles
4564 feet of ascent
122 beats per minute average
84 rpm average
12.5 mph average
155 beat per minute max
Top speed 139 mph!  Obviously a data error there.


Carl from Chicago said...

I love these posts they are very interesting.

I am amazed by the technology used to track your route, heart rate, temperature, climb, etc...

If someone came here 20 years ago they'd think you were James Bond or something.

Wait until you get your helmet camera!

Dan from Madison said...

I cannot wait to get that helmet cam to France - or here for that matter. I want to put some of the horrifying descents in France to heavy metal music.