Monday, December 10, 2012


When NATO came to Chicago along with what was supposed to be the G8 the entire city came to a dead stop and you could practically see a tumbleweed blow down Michigan avenue.

Since then the protesters have gone away. Here in Illinois we don't even try to reform unions or pensions like they do in Indiana (right to work laws), Wisconsin (the legislature leaves to avoid changes to public sector bargaining), and even MICHIGAN (attempting to pass right to work legislation). Thus, there is no need for the unions to come out in force, because no one thinks reform has a snowball's chance in hell.

That didn't stop these dopes from protesting during working hours in the loop. They probably weren't missing much work, anyways. At least the cops only seemed to spare a few guys on bicycles they didn't have to get out the riot gear and horses.


Dan from Madison said...

Hard to tell from the photo - what are they protesting?

Carl from Chicago said...

Tax the rich. One guy has a sign saying TTFRA which stands for "tax the f ing rich already" I just didn't want to say it in the post to give the guy credit on the web.

These seem to be some sort of union / occupy protesters

Dan from Madison said...

Most of these people are professional protesters with not much else to do. The picket line at Whole Foods up here in Madison a few years ago was paid temp workers (non union, obviously). Hilarious.

Many of these people probably just did a mini protest on their way to Lansing for the show today.