Friday, November 02, 2012

A Funny Thing Happened…

…on the way to the fillin' station.

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Locally the price of fuel has been on the decline. Two weeks ago I filled up at $3.19 per gal (the low price lasted only one day). That's a one dollar drop from two months ago. Recalling five years ago when it went from $4 down to under $2 this is not optimal but we'll take it, especially those of us who drive a lot.

What is noticeable is the price of E85, the fuel with the highest (15%) ethanol content. This is made for the newer Flex vehicles manufactured specifically to burn that higher ethanol content. I have seen E85 cost as little as 50¢ per gallon less than regular unleaded not too long ago, What happened? Why does E85 now cost more? Recently I have seen E85 cost up to as much as 15¢ per gallon more. Could it be because ethanol is made from corn?

The midwestern corn crop suffered during last summer's midwestern drought. States from Iowa to Ohio and Kentucky to Wisconsin were affected by lack of rainfall during crucial growing periods. The corn price goes up and so does ethanol.

And so does Doritos, tortillas, hog, chicken and cattle feed along with everything in-between including most groceries. So it goes in a horrible economy thanks to the bamboozler-in-chief and the enviro-wackos.

The corn doesn't always grow and the wind doesn't always blow but the enviro-wackos and their lapdog politicians with the help of useful idiots in the media will constantly blow sunshine up our ass with yet another well-intentioned bamboozle that eventually leads to unintended consequences.

Here's a neat idea. Why not make cars that run on battery power?

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