Sunday, November 18, 2012

11 Down - Only 2 To Go

About twenty five years ago I bought this cap and sweatshirt at the bookstore in South Bend.

That was  before watching a late summer Notre Dame matchup against Michigan. After the typical tailgate we walked over to the dome to watch the band and followed them to the stadium (a tradition) to take our seats. We won.

That shirt was reserved to wear only while attending a live game. Since then it has been to well over a dozen games in South Bend and many others in West Lafayette (where we could always get tix every other year since the wife is an alum).

Breaking tradition I will be wearing that shirt and cap all day long today, Sunday November 18, 2012 because Notre Dame will again be (cannot believe I am actually typing this) at the top of the national polls with a record of 11-0h! Hell, I may wear it every day until early January.

Someone has to be #1. Why not us?


Dan from Madison said...

As a Notre Dame hater, I am very much looking forward to watching them get destroyed by (insert crazed SEC team here) in the national championship game. But congrats on a fine year anyway.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Thanks...I think.

It's OK to let out some hate. Go on. Let it all out. I understand. The Big 10,12,11, whatever it is these days is totally suck-o these days : (

But look on the bright side...there IS some hope...

...Illinois managed to score two whole touchdowns against Purdue last Saturday : )

Dan from Madison said...

Illinois is in the pits with no end in sight. Tim Beckman has not done as good of a job with Zook's kids as Kelly has done with Charlie Weis' recruits.

The big televenteen is also terrible.

However the Irish scedule isn't exactly murderer's row you will have to admit. Anyway we will see what they are made of in seven weeks or so.