Sunday, October 28, 2012

The Ghosts Return

Notre Dame football is relevant again.

Cue the Notre Dame haters in 3…2…

Many sports wags wrote of their demise. Most of those savants and wizards jealously predicted the end of a legendary football program. Some said forever. Toast, stick a fork in 'em they claimed. How could they? Wha, wha, what with the SEC and all, how will they ever be able to compete again? How? Where will they get the recruits? Hey experts, they always got top recruits but lacked one key element - a fiery coach who showed them the way.

They found leadership for today and a program that is building for another run at greatness for tomorrow, like it or not. Brian Kelly made it happen. Kelly is proof that a clever, passionate coach who is involved at all levels can turn a floundering program around.

It's been way, way too long but it can now be said. Notre Dame. 8-0. Unbeaten. Top 5 nationally ranked and soon-to-be-ranked even higher. BCS here we come. It's legit. A National Championship? Well, I won't go that far. Not yet.

Not only did ND beat Oklahoma they mugged those Okies on their home field. I watched the first five minutes at the store, listened on the way home and caught the last ten minutes here at the bunker. Wow! And OK was favored to win by most experts. Guess they hadn't seen this awesome defense, heh. Seeing that Okie RB being scraped off the turf at the end was a defining scene. Appeared as if he was hit by a speeding Peterbuilt on I-80.

It was exciting when they beat a solid Stanford team but it was too soon to know. Not any longer. Notre Dame is relevant again after a schedule that featured few 'cupcakes'. There I said it.

Much happiness here tonight in the cornfields of Northern Indiana. Why, even that perennial doormat from downstate Bloomington won their game, FYI. Feels good to be a football fan living in Indiana these days. Who knows, I just may enjoy following college football again.

The season isn't over. Much more to come.

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Buy a lottery ticket before the implosion.