Monday, October 01, 2012


I have my test for black sash in Muay Thai coming up in December. It is a pretty exciting time. I have to take a six pack of private lessons with the instructor and the test will be long and tough, but I am ready.

 I had to write an essay to read to the entire academy about the journey, and the academy will all be watching me in this test. I am the first one to do this and have to admit I am a bit nervous, but when I start popping pads I will be alright. It will be quite the performance. Speaking of pads, I also have to create my own thai pad drill which will be very cool.

When the instructor ties the black sash around my waist I might break down. I have never won anything athletically in my life and it will be so sweet.

When the head instructor took a vacation a few weeks ago I was drafted to teach for a couple nights. I taught the advanced and beginner classes. To tell the truth it ended up the opposite of what I imagined. I thought the beginners would be easier than the advanced. But in the beginner classes we have a mix mash of people who have just started and still don't well as people who have been there for six months or so and understand the difference between an uppercut and a jab. So I had to adjust my teaching techniques on the fly. In fact, I sort of taught two classes at once, letting the beginner students who were further along do their thing, and somewhat tutoring the newbies. It was an extremely satisfying exercise to be able to teach others Muay Thai.

 I can't believe I am at a level to do this now. Five and a half years ago I started out knowing nothing, and now I will have my black sash soon and am teaching.

Yesterday at Gunstock I was able to teach a woman who had never even picked up a gun before how to shoot. And I did it fairly quickly after spending some time teaching safety, of course. We started with good 'ol .22 handguns, revolvers and semi autos, then progressed up to 9mm, .38 special, and then to the hellfire of the .357. Before long she was shooting like an old pro. I love this photo of her with the expended Ruger magazines in her back pockets.
Gerry's brother took some time to instruct her on the finer points of trap shooting. She did very well, much better than me.
Overall she was enthusiastic and honestly, quite good. It was a lot of fun to take someone who had never even touched a gun in her life and have her shooting and interested in firearms pretty quickly.

These two examples of teaching over the last few weeks for me have actually taught me something too. I like teaching. I need to do it more.

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