Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Michael Schenker at House of Blues in Chicago

Michael Schenker is a rock guitarist who began playing with the Scorpions and was most famous for playing in the band UFO and to a lesser extent with MSG (Michael Schenker Group). He was at the House of Blues in Chicago on Tuesday, October 30, 2012 and it was a fantastic show.

Michael Schenker is famous among guitar buffs for his melodic style of metal and hard rock guitar. As soon as I saw that he was playing at the House of Blues (near my condo in River North) I immediately bought four tickets and put the word out. Among people interested in hard rock and metal, you are either a complete Schenker fan or utterly indifferent. Among the general public, probably no one has heard of Schenker at all. Of all the songs he played on, likely only "Love to Love" by UFO with the classic lines
Misty green and blue, love to love to love you
Would be recognized.

Some of my friends who also loved UFO and Michael Schenker came and he put on a great show. Michael Schenker apparently has had a bad relationship w/alcohol for a long time but he supposedly is sober now and he put on a great show.

I highly recommend seeing him and glad that he's survived all these years.

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Dan from Madison said...

Wow he is a alive, that is amazing right up there with Lemmy and Dave Mustaine.