Saturday, October 20, 2012

Illinois Bites The Bullet

Some in Illinois propose a better solution to the problem of the ongoing rampant violent crime and cold-blooded murder, those with a splendid record of solving problems…the politicians.

"Preckwinkle's office estimates the tax will generate about $1 million a year, money that would be used for various county services including medical care for gunshot victims*. Law enforcement officials would not have to pay the tax, but the office said it would apply to 40 federally licensed gun dealers in the county."

"Preckwinkle insists the ordinance is far more about addressing gun violence than raising money for a county that faces a budget shortfall of more than $260 million.

"The violence in Cook County is devastating and the wide availability of ammunition only exacerbates the problem," she told the board Thursday."

Violent crime and cold-blooded murder is as frequent in Chicago neighborhoods today as a visit from the Good Humor truck was during the 60's.

Here's my solution to curb gun violence. Commit any crime with a gun and get locked up for ten years, no plea bargaining, no early release, period. Hard time, no weight room, no cell phone, no TV and a diet of gruel. When released if the criminal commits another crime involving a gun then it's the death penalty.

I would gladly pay 5¢ tax per bullet if it all went to fund this program. Problem solved.

*includes surviving gunshot gang members

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Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha Gerry I love the photo that you took to accompany this article.