Monday, October 01, 2012

France 2012 Part Two

When I left off in part one, I had just arrived in Vicdessos. While many of the others needed a nap after the overnight flight, I instead decided to gut it out until it was time to go to bed that evening. I knew that the best thing for me was to just head out and climb the Port de Lers. Nobody was up for that cat 1 climb, so I was allowed to do it myself. They gave me a phone in case I crashed or whatever and off I went.

I was actually pretty happy to do it alone. I had never cycled alone in France and was happy that the tour guides had the confidence in me to allow me to hit it solo.

I stopped to take a few pictures on the way up. This free range pig saw me taking photos, didn't like it, and attacked me. He stopped at the fence line but I was long gone by then.
I remembered this lovely waterfall from the previous year. I decided I needed another photo of it.
As you get up toward the top, you get out of the forests and it opens up into grassland. Then you get the livestock and you hear that sound - cowbells.
I loved the Ariege sign on the road at the summit. They paint these every so often to try to get them on TV when the Tour comes through. Ariege is the department we were in at this time. A department in France is sort of like a state here in the USA.
I buzzed up the Port de Lers in less than an hour, easily 25% less time than it took me the previous year. It was wonderful. It was where I needed to be and what I wanted to do. I was much more confident in my cycling ability. I wanted to go up the adjacent Col d'Agnes (yes, I know my way around up there now) but time was fleeting and I knew before too long the dinner bell would ring so I had to head back.

I got back just in time for a celebratory snack and was able to journal the days events. I was happy to be back in France.

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