Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gunstock – 5th Anniversary

One week from today. You know who you are, you bitter clingers you!

Hard to imagine that 5 years ago we held the first official LITGM Gunstock Event celebrating peace, love and the priceless Second Amendment right to protect our lives and property. What a country, let’s keep it that way huh?

Each year the weather has been nothing short of perfect. We have not had any incidents whatsoever, not even a scratch. Well, maybe a horsefly bite or two.

The SWAT Team promises to show up after a one-year hiatus along with the usual attendees. One thing will be different this year.

We are expecting quite a few ladies, more so than in the past. So behave yourselves.

See you next week, same time same place. Leave the lawyers at home but bring plenty of guns and money.

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