Saturday, September 15, 2012

Go White Sox

The Chicago White Sox were predicted to lose 90+ games this year and perhaps finish last in the division; I even saw projected standings where they were behind the Royals (with one of the lowest payrolls in baseball).

And yet... they are flourishing with a new manager (bye bye Ozzie) and a new generation of young stars that are refusing to fade in the stretch. I thought the sweep by the Tigers would put them under, but the Sox bounced right back and are still ahead by beating up on division rivals including the hated Twins.

This season seems to be confounding all norms, with the A's and the O's in the playoff hunt right up to the end, which is also surprising given their low payrolls and / or general history of futility. On the other hand, some high payroll teams like the Phillies and Red Sox are out of it and the Red Sox famously sold off their highly paid guys to the LA Dodgers.

I even went out and bought a White Sox jersey with Youk on the back (then Dan told me that there was an article on Deadspin about adults wearing sports jerseys that would make me never want to wear it) - even though he probably will sign somewhere next year for lots more than the White Sox would ever pay him. Seasons where you win big for a team like the White Sox are random; everything has to come together and stay together, it is all a giant crap-shoot, and the White Sox look just good enough and random enough to give this year a shot.


Dan from Madison said...

I bet you are a stud in that Sox jersey:

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha I haven't even worn it.

I will just save it for the Sox playoff game, if there is one.

Gerry from Valpo said...

I have a Pierzynski game jersey with the 2005 World Series patch on the sleeve. in honor of the smartest player in all of baseball. It was a gift from the wife. Hopefully he will coach the Sox one day. It only gets worn to live games at Comiskey.

But I do agree with Dan about adults wearing jerseys.