Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Bears Opener and B-52 Fly Over

We had a fantastic day for the Bears opener on Sunday. The skyline was beautiful and the sky was blue.

Not far from us in the Adler Lot someone had an amazing lobster boil with an immense amount of food spread out on a table. I knew it had to be exceptional because our local food authorities Gerry and Terry were impressed.

We had a B52 fly over! It was very cool although I wish it would have flown a little lower because it would have been loud as hell. One of the comments for the video over at YouTube (where I have a Carl From Chicago channel) was from someone who said she was the pilot's wife and if so then thanks to both of you.


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The Sanity Inspector said...

The B-52 may have stayed high, for fear of being shot at, this being Chicago in summertime and all...