Sunday, August 26, 2012

Blues Brothers Return?

One time I had an out-of-town visitor and he asked me "What is unique about Chicago?" My response was - "Have you ever seen the movie the Blues Brothers?" He said no, and I asked random bar patrons as they passed by how many times they'd seen the movie, and the answers ranged from 3 to 10+ times each.
I was out for dinner near Division street on Saturday night and we saw these guys in their Blues Brothers mobile, with the Jake / Elwood license plates, to boot (but not the megaphone on the roof).
Then on Sunday when I was walking through the Loop I saw piles of police cars wrecked and stacked up and blocked off with police tape (for a movie set, I am assuming). These cars definitely reminded me of what remained after the famous Blues Brothers chase through downtown Chicago.
Maybe it's just coincidence but a bit eerie.

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Carl from Chicago said...

There's a pretty funny comment thread on this over at Chicago Boyz

Brought back a lot of good Blues Brothers movie memories apparently

Gerry from Valpo said...

Appears there was a TV spot being filmed.

Anonymous said...

Nice picture

The cars are from
Vetoenterprises or vetoviewpiont

It was a moive for the middle east dhoom 3