Saturday, May 12, 2012

White Sox May Not be "Dunn" Yet

Last night I went to the White Sox game and it was just a perfect night for baseball. The Sox threw a shutout (against the hapless Royals) and Adam Dunn did something that I'd never seen (in person) before while wearing a White Sox uniform - he HELPED THE TEAM! In addition to hitting an early home run he also had a huge double. And Alex Rios - that stiff from last year - actually had a stand-up triple! It was as if
The guys we pay money to play baseball actually were capable of playing baseball
I know that is crazy but it gives hope. Too bad the Sox don't have a closer and got rid of theirs' last year and didn't get one from someplace else. Of all their moves that was the most head-scratching for me. It was better than Dunn getting the "Golden Sombrero" for 4 strikeouts in a game like he did for opening day.

I bought a 14 game package this year which was pretty reasonably priced and very cool - you just click "best available" and every game they give you different seats in the 100 range (not bleachers). The seats have all been excellent so far even for opening day (the one we went to with Terry & Gerry). In the era before computers this would have been impossible but now it all happens with the click of a button.

This of course means that those great 100 level seats were mostly likely previously held by season ticket holders (like me) who bailed out as the 2005 world champions spiraled further and further down the drain and Ozzie ran his mouth like a broken toilet draining on the bathroom floor. If the Sox keep improving their game hopefully these seats will become ticket holders rather than 14 game package holders like me which will stabilize the franchise a bit. Nothing helps a franchise like winning.


Carl from Chicago said...

Like Dan said in an email to me "lots of empty seats". Too true. The weather was nice but mostly the weather this year has been crap so that may have hurt attendance.

Not as bad as Oakland but far from enough.

Gerry from Valpo said...

No need to stabilize the franchise. Jerry and his investors are hauling in the cash.

Carl from Chicago said...

I don't know if Jerry will be putting much into the team if the seats are empty. He is a shrewd businessman.