Tuesday, April 03, 2012

Whole Foods and Dan's Farm

Recently I was walking through Whole Foods purchasing (very expensive) meat ingredients for chili when I noticed the sign on their meat counter with their "principles" listed for customers. I thought I'd compare them to the conditions I found when Dan put me to work on his farm. 1) No crates, no cages, and no crowding 2) Enriched environment 3) Enhanced outdoor access 4) Pasture centered 5) Animal centered

I'd have to say that with my (microscopically small) farm experience based on Dan's farm he blows these criteria out of the water. There's plenty of room for everyone and they are outside when they need to be and indoor when they need to get warm. They have a nice pasture and I'm not sure what "animal centered" means but I was certainly centered on animals when I saw his big cows and horses right next to me as a city-slicker. Of course Dan has no problem selling his beef or his eggs should he choose to do so anyways but it never hurts to stay one step ahead of the "competition".


Dan from Madison said...

Our cattle live in a bovine valhalla. Plenty of space, grass, hay when they need it and fresh, cool water. Fans in the summer when it gets too hot.

The pink slime articles have made our tiny business BOOM. We get calls almost every day from friends wanting in on the next cow to be taken to market. The price just went up.

Gerry from Valpo said...

I refer to it as Hole Foods.

Shopping there burns a Hole in my wallet.