Saturday, April 28, 2012

Miller Lite Technology Arms Race

Whenever I talk to Dan one of his key issues is "how can I pour piss-water Miller Lite down my gullet faster?"

Well Miller Lite has answered his call with a "new" technology that does just that, called the "Punch Top Can". Basically you are just shotgunning a beer, like you'd see someone do over at Drunk Bear Fans (and shoot beer all over themselves to boot, which is hilarious).

One more reminder - if you don't check out that video at Drunk Bear Fans of those girls shotgunning a beer and shooting it all over themselves you are really missing out.

Mmmm mmmm good.


Dan from Madison said...

You son of a bitch you totally beat me to this, it was my Sunday Morning Homework assignment. Oh well, scooped again.

Dan from Madison said...

But back to the post, I wonder if you can jam the tasty cornwater down your throat faster with this can or the superwidemouth bottle. Damned if I will ever find out.

Dan from Madison said...

Damn I forgot how funny the ending of that video is.

Carl from Chicago said...

Let's do a test of this at one of the Bears games I can be the guinea pig.

Widemouth vs. Shotgun

Gerry from Valpo said...

Shooting a Lite beer is for inexperienced time-poor young moderns who believe drinking is a chore.

For us seasoned citizens who know better, drinking is more about appreciating the journey rather than arriving at the eventual destination.