Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Whole Hog Butchering Class, Part 4

After working on the head, we moved on to the front of the pig and separated the shoulder roast or Boston Butt (probably one of my favorites) from the front primal.

Then Scott talked about the picnic roast and separated the hocks from that with a hacksaw.

We then moved on to the loin and this is always a source of many questions. There are a million ways to butcher a pig, and none are wrong. We took the route of taking out the tenderloin and making a rib roast.

Here is Scott removing his tenderloin.

And more work on the loin.

Later I got to remove the hocks from the hams with a hacksaw after making a few cuts around the tail.

This was an absolutely fantastic experience. We talked a lot and received great education on pig parts, how pigs are raised and the like.

At the end there was a raffle on who got what. I received one of the coveted shoulder roasts and it was fantastic. I also got two hocks and a jowel. I was happy with the loot - I love ham hocks. The jowel I wasn't sure what to do with so I just chipped the meat off and made burritos. It was great.

I highly recommend this type of experience for all to understand where those cuts of meat come from.


Gerry from Valpo said...

I have seen jowls at the Beef Mart in Valpo. they look a lot like bacon. Maybe they would be really tasty after being smoke cured.

Dan from Madison said...

There is a LOT of connective tissue on the jowel - the muscle attaches to the bone in many different places and it took quite a bit of knifework to separate it from the jaw/skull. It is a good cut and certainly cheap enough to try different things with but know you may have a little work involved.

Brigid said...

Beef Mart has got some of the best bacon around. I drive over an hour to get my meat there, and it's worth it.

I butcher my own deer, but reading on how to do the pig was interesting. Thanks!