Sunday, January 22, 2012

Rubber Duck Car

Seen today in a Madison grocery parking lot.


Gerry from Valpo said...

$10. says all those ducks signed that Walker recall petition.

Dan from Madison said...

Ah, the recall. Wisconsin, where politics never ends.

Even though it is costing us millions of dollars I think the GAB, or Governing Accountability Board is doing a decent job of counting the signatures. At least as good as they can.

They are scanning the signatures and hopefully killing the mickey mouses and donald ducks off of there. I want to know if the database will be searchable, to make sure that I didn't sign it. I don't see why someone couldn't sit at home, grab a phone book, and enter the signatures.

Anyway, there will most likely be a recall election sometime in June or July, and Walker will most likely win it and the left will have sunk untold millions AGAIN into a lost cause.

The game, I think, is up for some.

Carl from Chicago said...

Rubber Ducks are best attached to your car if you have an indoor garage. I don't think those guys are going to make it through January even before they are littering the road. Now THAT will make the hippies angry.

Jay said...

My wife owns the car...the ducks have been there for about 4 years now...never lost a duck while driving...only time they've "disappeared" is when parked outside of a place the serves adult beverages.