Thursday, January 19, 2012

France 2012

Tonight I attended a meeting about the France trip I will be going on in late June/early July 2012. I met a bunch of the people I was with in France in 2011. It was good to see them again.

They had a slide show on a big screen of France 2011. A feeling of immense pride and accomplishment ran through my veins while I watched the images scrolling across the screen.

I saw photos of me dripping with sweat in full combat with intense heat and enormous mountains on my bicycle. I liked the look on my face. I saw myself with my trip mates later that day smiling and drinking wine and eating goat cheese in our cabins.

I remembered how intense it was racing in a real bike race with cameras, scooters, official cars and the like.

It was great recalling how I was humbled by some with their biking abilities, and how satisfying it was being able to humble others.

All of us France alumni agreed that besides personal events such as weddings and births of children that it was the best event of our lives.

Several of us will be going next year. My trip mates were astonished to learn that I have been training two months already for this trip.

I have a lot of unfinished business with myself, others, and the Plateau de Beille.

I can't wait.


Sk8 said...


Jonathan said...

You are strangely attracted to this France thing, mon ami.

I recommend training on le Mount Evans:

Dan from Madison said...

You need to go with us this year.

That climb looks nice - long one with a mild gradient. Would be enjoyable.

Anonymous said...

Maybe someday.....need time, money & talent.