Saturday, January 14, 2012

Bordain Loves Tiki Too

Any long term readers of this blog know that I love anything tiki. Especially with the infinite winters and darkness here in Chicago.

Recently I was watching the great Anthony Bourdain show "The Layover" when he stopped over at San Francisco and a local chef took him to "The Tonga Room". The Tonga room is the best tiki place I have ever been to in the US and Dan and I went there when we were in San Francisco to run a race a couple years ago.

Here you can see the pool they also have with simulated thundershowers (you don't get wet) regularly to boot. Anthony drank something out of a skull drinking vessel and seemed pretty blotto after that which is very understandable.


Dan from Madison said...

Someday I want to take one of those historical cruises to the South Pacific that takes you to all the battlefields/islands - then we can do tiki for real.

Carl from Chicago said...

The question is... would we ever come back from the land of actual tiki life?

Dan from Madison said...

Probably not since everything costs two cents over there.