Thursday, October 27, 2011

Madison Police Set Bar Low For Commendations

So I saw this in the online gazette today. I will give you the short version.

A woman lost her child five years or so ago. She has ridden her bicycle for that child since then. A criminal stole her bike out of her garage. Someone found the bike on the side of the road, and put up an ad on Craigslist to sell it. The cops were alerted and got the bike from the person selling it.

Here is the money line in the above referenced article:

The officers involved are now up for commendations- for their role in finding her bike.

This is typically a family blog, but what the fuck?!

I know cops have a dangerous job. I really do. But in general, they aren't going out every day and dodging bullets or breaking down crack house doors. Especially in Madison.

In this case, all some cops did was RECEIVE a phone call from some concerned citizens about the selling of the bike (it appears that the cops didn't even browse Craiglist!) and go drive over there and get it; that is an impossibly low bar that is set for commendations. I wonder what they get if you really do something insanely brave, such as save a life. Sheesh.

Meanwhile, the asshole that did this to me twice in one week is still at large.

All told, the damage and thefts cost me about $5,000 plus several nights of lost sleep. This smash and grab is a huge problem in Madison as there have been a ton of these types of crimes as of late. I am told that they now have video of the perp. Hope they get him. Commendation time if so! Hell, they will probably give those officers a year off.


Gerry from Valpo said...

Commendations may be payback for the restraint they showed during those Wisco Capitol protests.

Recently I became a big fan of the Oakland CA P.D.

I say we give commendations to cops for busting some protesting hippie skulls.

Dan from Madison said...

Well, it wasn't restraint, as much as being on their side - as you know. And I am a fan of the Oakland PD as well!