Monday, October 10, 2011

Gunstock IV Reflections

The annual LITGM event celebrating Peace, Love and The Second Amendment on Sunday was as close to perfect as it gets.

After four years we have the routine down so the setup goes like clockwork. Even better, most of the shooters know each other by now and introductions are not necessary in most cases. Those who were once strangers are now friendly annual acquaintances.

No mishaps whatsonever, not even a blister. Some personal observations:

We did have a few no shows but we knew ahead of time. The SWAT Team was busy at work busting up crack houses and rounding up the bad guys. Dan was occupied with some unfortunate personal issues. We missed them all but they should be back next year.

Chris showed up, making the trip from Colorado where he works defending our nation employed by a defense contractor at an AFB. Hard to believe my old high school buddy is into such serious shit. He spent a few days here at the country bunker and we had a ton of laffs as always.

The Bro gets a big thanks for playing Emeril at the food tent (HEY NOW. GARLIC!) and helped with the setup and teardown.

IF you click to enlarge the above photo and look to the left you will see that Mitt Romney showed up to Gunstock this year.

Andy came home with a new S&W 9mm. My kid is allright. He’s come a long way with his handgun shooting.

Doug showed up with his just married son and brought his famous .44 magnum Harry Callahan cannon with a 7.5” barrel among other fun toys they had. Everyone had a chance to bruise their middle knuckle on that trigger guard (mine still hurts). I watched the others and how high their forearms would fly into in the air from that ass-kicking recoil.

Empty Red Bull can meets Mr. .44 mag.

There were a lot of father and son groups in addition to Andy and me. Carl and his dad John unloaded quite a few boxes.

The bro’s old neighbor Scott came by with his FOUR very young boys, the youngest being about eight. He got in some serious time with his pellet rifle. So fun to watch the kids shoot. I get great pleasure seeing these young men getting an education and instruction on the proper use of firearms at such a young age. Just as I did.

This is how individual freedom and liberty is intended to work. We hand down our family traditions by being responsible firearm owners clinging to our guns and religion, you know, “out here”. It's in The Constitution. Look it up.

Ed and his son just could not get in enough trigger time. They arrived late but managed to get in as much time in as possible helping to splinter those target boards. Some guys need to be pried away from the firing line, Ed and his son are a good example. They reminded me a lot of Dan, who only leaves the firing line to reload.

Doug makes some tasty 50 cal muzzleloader smoothies.

Would you please toss in a shot or two of some Bacardi 151 please?

The bro’s buddy Peter and his son are now regulars and travel from the Illinois side of the Wisco line just to be at Gunstock IV. Pete tried to shoot Doug’s .44 standing sideways with one hand and the other hand on his back hip, old school marksman style (he’s even older than me). Nobody told him. We just watched. He learned. Always use both hands.

My upland bird hunting partner Scott came to Gunstock for the second time. It seemed that we did much more clay shooting this year. Damn, did I need some pre season wing shooting practice. A big thanks to Scott for bringing along the venison chops, the Bambi summer sausage and the lead-free marinated pheasant breasts for grilling. Yumm-o.

The farm was such a great place to be on a fine autumn Sunday.

Where we shoot is so far off the road we don’t even hear cars passing by, just an occasional combine harvesting crops in the distance. Just gotta’ figger out how to build me a final home and live out there in a few years. The home would be dwarfed by the garage.

Next year we look forward to hosting Gunstock V. Hard to believe how time flies by.


Chris from Colorado said...

Yes, a great day indeed.

Finally, my gun case did not come out on the carousel with the other baggage tonight at DIA. I freaked and went to see someone at the baggage claim counter. Each airline is required to see a claim ticket and a photo ID before giving a locked gun case to you. Only took me six flights with a gun case for them to get it right.

Many thanks to you and your Bro for making Gunstock IV a great one.

Dan from Madison said...

Shooting a real .44 mag like that makes you laugh when you watch movies seeing the actors shoot with no recoil or ear protection.

Carl from Chicago said...

Thanks again for hosting it and I had a great time even though my 9mm shooting was erratic as always. I love the opportunity to shoot outdoors as opposed to in a static range.

The weather was awesome and the food was great, as well!

Jonathan said...

I live through you guys.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Shoot, it's a great time. Pun intended.

Gerry from Valpo said...


I wrote that there were no mishaps, not even a blister. Not true.

My middle knuckle is still in pain three days later from the trigger guard of that .44 magnum kick.

Terry from Crown Point said...

For the record, my friend Peter's (a Navy marksman) first shot W/ my 3" barrel 1911 hit the bullseye using that old school stance of his.

Gerry from Valpo said...

And for the record, I appreciate and recognize his marksman skills.