Monday, October 31, 2011

"folk art" battleship

I was recently in Milwaukee at a very interesting antique store in the 5th ward called the "Riverview Antique Market". A model caught my eye...

Of course it was a very well made "4 stacker" US destroyer of WW1 vintage. These destroyers were built in large numbers towards the end of WW1 to defeat German U-boats and were subsequently transferred to England in 1940 as part of "lend lease" as the US tried to help the Allies while remaining neutral prior to our entry in WW1.

When I looked at the price tag I was appropriately saddened as they described it as a "folk art battleship". The antique owner didn't even think to spend a couple of minutes online trying to figure out if it was a model of a real ship or just an "art object" that someone built from scratch.

Sad but likely only 1 in 10,000 individuals who passed by that model would have seen that it was a "real" model; the odds are probably even less in a hipster neighborhood of people looking for "vintage" objects. After all, it is all just art, anyways.

I, for one, was impressed.

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Dan from Madison said...

Only $195 and you probably could have dickered them down - did you buy it?

Carl from Chicago said...

Ha ha don't have anywhere to put it.

Might have ended up at your door...