Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Tune Up

Starting last week I signed up for a "six pack" of private lessons with my Muay Thai instructor. I have been noticing that my basic techniques were getting rusty. It has been a long time since I have been in a beginner class, and I started noticing that I was getting jammed on my punches and kicks and was having other problems.

I have had two of these privates so far and it didn't take long to get my boxing in order. I was just too tight and not remembering my basic techniques. My kicking still has a ways to go to get that dialed in, but everything will be tip top for my next test in November.

I used to say that even Tiger Woods has a swing coach. Well, with the way his life has submarined, I guess I should change that to maybe Phil Mickleson or someone else. The point is that it is good to have a professional take a look at you once in a while if you have a hobby in the physical fitness world.

This six pack was just what the doctor ordered. After that test in November, I will be on my probationary period for getting my black sash. I honestly have no clue when I will be called to have a private test with my instructor to achieve that goal and have no idea what to expect in that test. We will see. I am pretty excited to do it though. By that time I will have had well over five years of constant practicing in the sport of Muay Thai. Pretty exciting time for me.

Again, the rank of black sash doesn't mean I could win in the ring, or beat anyone up (heck, maybe not even you) or confer any other magical powers on me. It does represent, if nothing less, a tireless dedication to the art of Muay Thai over a long period of time. And for that, I will be pretty proud. But first things first - I need to keep up with these privates and kick ass on the next test. Which I will.

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