Sunday, September 18, 2011

Around Chicago September 2011

Upper left - at the Cubs for a beautiful Saturday in September for a day game. Love the trash-talking T Shirts, especially the one with a picture of Jesus on it saying "Don't Do Nothing 'Til I Get Back". Upper middle - people lining up for donuts at "The Doughnut Vault", in River North, where they start serving doughnuts at 8:30am until they are all gone. Upper right - the plaza in front of the Hancock building with a fountain and people lounging around on a Saturday night. The number of tourists now on Michigan avenue seems to be at an all-time high. Lower left - the Aon Building lit up pink, with the new Prudential building adjacent. Lower right - looking up at the Hancock, with green lights installed.

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Dan from Madison said...

I don't stand in line for much of anything anymore, and a donut would be pretty low on the list for sure.

Carl from Chicago said...

I walked by when my parents were in town (they like sweets) late in the day so there was no line and we bought a few donuts and I must admit that they were very good.

But I wouldn't recommend waiting in line for donuts either

Another interesting thing is that the Doughnut Vault didn't even bother getting that URL... they just use a Tumblr blog for their site. I guess you get the google juice anyways, right? But maybe that is a sign of the times when it isn't worth like $20 to secure a domain name in the age of facebook