Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Tim Wakefield and A Beautiful Night for Baseball

On Friday I saw the White Sox play Boston at the Cell. It was a perfect night for baseball, with the Red Sox in town, to boot.

I was excited to see Tim Wakefield pitch in person. Wakefield is a knuckle ball pitcher, one of the few to pitch in the major leagues, and by far the most successful knuckle ball pitcher in "my" era (1990's until today). Wakefield is signed to a unique contract that allows him to keep pitching with Boston indefinitely at a price of $4M / year. He is 44 now which is amazing in baseball; soon he will be setting modern era records for longevity. Also at third base Omar Vizquel was starting; he too is one of the few players competitive at age 44 (he certainly is better than Teahen, whom the White Sox finally gave up on). I should have gotten them both in the shot because they are the 2 oldest active players in baseball.

Wakefield was just mowing the White Sox down, which was amazing given how slow his pitches are. You can see the scoreboard with a 67 mph pitch; that was typical. His motion is also unique. At one point the White Sox were bunting just to try to make contact; in the end AJ socked one out with Carlos on base and the White Sox were able to win.

Here is a view of sunset at the ballpark. The game was over in a bit over 2 hours; I thought Buehrle was pitching or something, it moved so quickly.

They had fireworks with the British invasion, and all the usual bands, including the Who and the Beatles. I didn't know that "Them" wrote Gloria and forgot that Steve Winwood and Spencer Davis Group were part of that "invasion".

Finally everyone stacked up their beers neatly as the exited the ballpark. You can see people walking down 35th street towards the Red and Green lines (we took the Green line a few blocks past because the Red Line was a zoo). Sorry the photo was blurry we were about the last people to leave so were pretty much being escorted out at that point. It was so nice I didn't want to leave.


Dan from Madison said...

Spencer Davis Group is worth a good listen.

Trooper York said...

I just want to tell youse guys something:


Trooper York said...
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Gerry from Valpo said...

Omar is great but I prefer Brent Morel at third. He has had clutch hits and makes spectacular plays. He's a keeper.

I wouldn't say Boston sucks because they just ate our lunch and the Yankees are in the process of cleaning our clocks.

No post season for us.