Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Army Men

I have been following the situation in Libya ever since the revolution to oust the insane dictator Gaddafi began. There is little footage of the government troops (probably because journalists are not embedded with them) but I do see frequent videos of the rebels.

I am struck by the complete absence of the "typical" military outfit amongst these troops. There are no uniforms or helmets.

Instead of the typical military vehicles, including tanks, armored personnel carriers, and trucks, you see the "specialist" vehicles made famous in our engagement in Somalia, which consist of machine guns mounted on the back of pick up trucks.
Perhaps instead of the "standard" army soldier set they need to move with the times and include rebels with AK-47's, rocket launchers, and pick up trucks with machine guns mounted on the back. No uniforms or helmets, and a variety of off-the-rack clothes.

It isn't the norm for two typically equipped armies to take on each other any more. Maybe there will be a Syrian "special edition" with one set of standard soldiers and one set of unarmed civilians.


Carl from Chicago said...

And yes I am getting all of my blogging inspiration at Walgreens

Dan from Madison said...

For the full arab/russian uprising effect, they really should include hapless civilians as well that get blown up by enormous self propelled artillery pieces or aa guns.

Carl from Chicago said...

Also it is pretty apparent that almost anyone shooting a gun in any of these videos has no military training because they hold it sideways and just shoot off a few rounds in the general direction of the enemy. I haven't seen any "aiming" per se except for maybe the guy on the back of the specialist vehicles. Perhaps a "sniper" in their terms is a soldier who attempts to traditionally shoot a weapon.

Dan from Madison said...

Good point about the sniper.

The old used AKs they have probably aren't that accurate anyway, their ammo is probably old and those guns most likely haven't been cleaned since they were manufactured, but at least trying to aim with the sights would increase their hit rate exponentially.