Saturday, July 30, 2011

New Toy

I got a Garmin for my bike because so many of my fellow riders in France had them. It is pretty amazing the information you can get. I am glad I got the optional heart rate monitor. After the ride downloaded, they offered an embed code you can see below. All pretty effortless to download and move around. This is the ride I did today in the heat from my house to New Glarus and back. I am not buying that I only dumped 1200 calories today - they must use some sort of algorithm and I need to find out what it is. Probably x miles times x cadense = y calories. But that doesn't account for the rivers of sweat dripping off of me today. Click view details to get some great statistics from my ride today.


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Looks like I need one of these. This is exactly the info I get form indoor cycling (different format though). Great presention too!

Dan from Madison said...

Garmin Edge 500 - get the hence and don't forget the cadence sensor and heartrate monitor.

There are higher end units (with maps like the 700 series) but everyone that had them in France said the maps were pretty much never used.