Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Past Music

When music videos came out everyone watched them all the time. We sat riveted to the couch watching the same crappy videos over and over. Then after college there was a time where I didn't have cable and you couldn't just see videos on the internet so I missed out on an entire generation of videos.

Recently I heard a song by the band Garbage and I went back and looked through my MP3's and filled out some that I had lost along the way in the transfer from CD to digital. While a lot of the attraction of Garbage was the sleek mix from Butch Vig (who recently produced the new Foo Fighters album) of course their lead singer Shirley Manson was an even bigger piece of the equation. For Dan at least, the fact that they are a band out of Madison can't hurt, either.

I bought a compilation DVD that had all their videos in high quality because it is so cheap on Amazon now and it is better than watching the grainy You Tube versions. Of course Shirley still knows how to sell it...

Then speaking of older music I recently saw a video by WHITESNAKE when I was falling asleep on the couch and some things never change! There was David Cloverdale in all his glory clutching the mic stand like he always did and then... wait for it...

You need to have a girl 'on the pole'. Can't have a video for Whitesnake without some tail, can you?

One time when I was waiting for the bus at college some guy pulled up to a house right across from the bus stop in his Camaro and got out to go inside and pick someone up. He walked a few steps out of his parked car, then turned around, got into the car, and cranked up "Slide it In" super loud so that everyone on the block could hear it (remember, no one is in the car now), and walked past the porch and into the house. All of us at the bus stop just sat there and were treated to a deafening version of this Whitesnake classic. For no reason whatsoever.

I can't believe I am saying this but I actually like this tune. It was worth an investment of $0.99 on iTunes I even downloaded it.

If you have a couple minutes and want a laugh go to the wikipedia page and look at all the band lineups that Whitesnake has had over the last 34 years! It is amazing. I think David Cloverdale has fired everyone in heavy metal by the time you add it all up. He even married and fired Tany Kitaen who was on the hood of the Jaguar in all those videos; can't blame him for that one he got her good years she has had a hard ride as you can read here.


Dan from Madison said...

I met Shirley Manson at a party about six or eight years ago. She is as hot live as on TV. It was cool to talk to her.

I actually heard Slide It In on the radio yesterday, I still love that song. Whitesnake is playing a few dates around here this summer. I should go just for shits and giggles.

Carl from Chicago said...

I can come up too would be fun for whitesnake

Shirley Manson is the bomb