Monday, May 23, 2011

One Last Run

She’s gone. Just a memory.

Breaking up is hard to do but this time it was rather easy. It took only ten days to sell my Harley and I was able to get what I wanted. The buyer didn’t even haggle.

When he stopped by Thursday afternoon it was love at first sight for this guy. The bike had just the right amount of chrome goodies but not too much, the custom paint is simple and well done, he claimed. When I cranked it up he went goo-goo over the bark from the Vance & Hines straight shot pipes.

He asked what I thought about adding saddlebags and a windshield. My response was, do you see any? I like my bike lean and mean. More motor and less cycle I say.

Here’s where I had some concerns. The buyer (we are the same age) had ridden dirt bikes for years and was now ready for his first road bike. We all enjoy our midlife crisis toys and this was to be his. He did not feel comfortable even taking a test drive. He put money down and then asked if I would ride it to his house to transfer the title on Sunday. He offered to drive me home after.

He is obviously afraid of it. Nothing at all wrong with that. It weighs about 500lbs., more than double that of any bike he has ever ridden, and while it is not a crotch rocket it’s definitely no slouch. This bike can easily get away from the rider. I fed his fears a bit.

His plan is to take it slowly, get used to the bike and take short spins around Chesterton, a small town about eight miles north of me, before getting out on the open road. Smart guy. Hopefully I will see them on the road again one day.

He’s happy, I’m happy and I know the bike is getting a good home.


Dan from Madison said...

That was fast, you must have had it priced right although I would have tried to beat you up a little just for the hell of it. Asking doesn't cost anything and it sometimes works.

did the sale come because of a flyer posted, craigslist or word of mouth?

Gerry from Valpo said...

The bike was so clean it looked like new. It sold on craigslist.

Here's a good one. One potential buyer wanted to trade me even for a 2001 Ford Explorer with 93,000 miles. I just wrote no thanks and sent it back.

Dan from Madison said...

craigslist is pretty much the classifieds now, I don't know how newspapers can compete anymore