Sunday, May 22, 2011

My Man Mitch

Well he’s out. Not gonna' run. It’s best he doesn’t. Family comes first he claims. Honestly, I never thought he had a chance.

Here’s Mitch in the Indy 500 parade last year. I screamed out “My Man Mitch”, he looked, waved and smiled for a photo riding his custom Harley FXD, which displays a replica Indiana flag on the tank. Click to enlarge if you want to see.

Without getting into specifics Mitch was a great governor here in Indiana, I know first hand. We benefit from what he has done, especially gaining a billion dollar state budget surplus by slicing and dicing a lot of pork fat and shoving a hot poker up the ass of state employee unions before it became popular. The Indiana lefties just hate the guy, that’s all we need to know.

Sorry to see him leave the governor's office (Indiana has term limits) but on the bright side, Mike Pence will most likely succeed him so we’ll be in good hands for at least another eight years.

Sadly, Mitch is very sharp financially and a solid leader but he just has no charisma, which is so important in today’s pop culture obsessed society. On top of that he would be cannon fodder for the MSM, the likes of Comedy Central and SNL.

Don’t count him out for a cabinet position or some type of economic advisor position should the GOP guy win.

I hope that guy is Herman Cain, he jumped in hours before Mitch bowed out. Check out Herman's announcement here. He needs no teleprompter. Herman will chew up and spit out Zero as nobody else would dare. He's got me cranked up.

Herman is my dark horse candidate, pun intended.

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Dan from Madison said...

F*ckin A on Herman Cain. Love that guy.