Thursday, May 26, 2011

Milwaukee Art Museum

The Milwaukee Art Museum designed by Calatrava near downtown Milwaukee on Lake Michigan is so beautiful that it is difficult to take a bad picture. I recently went there for a great Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit (and the dedicated gift store had great items, too). Finally, we had lunch in their little cafeteria where the food was excellent and they had a good beer selection, to boot.


Carl from Chicago said...

I shrunk these down a bit to upload them because else it takes 10 minutes on my crappy internet connection. Need to get better service.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Very nice images.

Not knowing what imaging software you use I have found that 6"w x 4"h at 300dpi make for quick uploads and provide good quality enlargement when clicking on them.

Trial and error.

Dan from Madison said...

probably my favorite building ever built - I will be there in a couple weeks. It is worth going just to see that piece of architecture much less the art inside.