Saturday, May 07, 2011

Mars Cheese Castle

This weekend I went north to Wisconsin to visit the Milwaukee Art Museum. As I filled up the car with gas I was astonished by the high price of gasoline; Chicago is up at the top in terms of highest cost / gallon in the US. At least we have that going for us...

But on the way is the Mars Cheese Castle! For some reason I am a sucker for the marketing of this tourist trap; it isn't enough to be a Castle - it has to be some sort of a "space" castle as you can see in the logo.

The Mars Cheese Castle has been totally rebuilt in 2011 in true castle style, with pennants and the main entrance in the appearance of a moat. Good for them! The old location didn't have even a fraction as much "castle".

In addition to selling beer, cheese, sausage and trinkets they had a variety of t shirts. I thought of Dan living in the tundra of Madison when I spied this shirt. At least they have a sense of humor about it.

This shirt is TRUE - while people here in Chicago drink themselves into a stupor to a degree that astonishes most out-of-towners (check out St. Patrick's Day or a Cubs bleachers denizen anytime) Wisconsin still out-drinks us by a wide margin. Every town has an incredible variety of bars and drinking seems to be mandatory.

I bought this (as a gift) at the Cheese Castle; it is cashew brittle and it tastes great. It may be the most unhealthy thing ever. I don't know of anything that comes close to it in terms of calories; 76 calories a serving and 24 servings in a tiny little box is astonishing.


Dan from Madison said...

LOVE both of those t-shirts. I sometimes feel insane for living here since we apparently now have 8 months of winter.

As for the booze,
"Among adults in 2008, Wisconsin reported the highest rates of binge drinking (23%), current
alcohol use (67%), and heavy drinking (8%) in the country. Per capita consumption was also
among the highest in the nation (3.0 gallons per person in 2007). Compared to the United
States as a whole, Wisconsin continues to have higher rates of underage drinking (ages 12-20),
underage binge drinking, and drinking among women of childbearing age."

From this:

Gerry from Valpo said...

Fresh cheese curds...mmmmmmm.

Carl from Chicago said...

I actually seriously considered getting you those shirts but then figured you probably wouldn't have anywhere to wear them

Dan from Madison said...

good point

Jonathan said...

Holy cow!