Tuesday, May 10, 2011

It's Time

Yep, she's officially up for sale today.

A flyer will be posted at local stores and a craigslist ad will be placed.

My roadster convertible gives me enough thrills so it's time for the Harley to go. I just don't ride it as much anymore. But I did have it up to 110 mph and folded the mirrors a few times. This thing will scoot faster than any Road King, Fat Boy or FXD factory model. They have gotten a snoot-full of my fumes on many occasions.

All those poker runs we did were a blast but drinking and fast bikes is no way to go through life, son.

Plates, insurance and maintenance is not worth it. Selling it will also create more space in the garage.

With the price of gasoline so high, if I do not get my asking price or there is a lack of interest I'll keep her just for running around town on errands.

We'll see, who knows?


Dan from Madison said...

A certain blogger that I used to read who hates Lutherans used to bitch about the engine on his Harley all the time. Did you ever have any engine problems with your bike?

Mark said...

Just curious about the mechanics of a bike sale: I'd imagine you don't let just anyone take it for a spin. What's the protocol on the test drive?

Gerry from Valpo said...

Two questions, two answers. Here we go!

First, Harleys need to be started at least once a month, even during the dark season. The motors need to get hot to evaporate any tank, carb and crankcase condensation.

Winterizing is a hope and a prayer. Harley engines are seldom a problem, carburetors, fuel delivery and battery power are. Fuel gumming up in the jets and accelerator pump are problem #1. I have been through two carb rebuilds in ten years, once with a cousin/wrench who knows his shit and once by myself after he showed me the ropes. No big whoop. The battery should be removed and stored indoors connected to a trickle charge if possible.

I ride in freezing temps as long as the roads have no ice just to keep her hot.

Second, a buyer should be able to present an MC class driver's license (state laws are conflicted) for a test drive. If not, the buyer can start it up and take it for a short spin within my eyesight.

Dan, I know of whom you speak. That's a guy who starts up and rides his road (garbage wagon) king maybe twice a year. Besides, anyone who also owns a Moto Guzzi needs to have his head examined, IMHO.

Dan from Madison said...

correct blogger boy he was good until he found the lord. I don't mind people finding the lord, but sheesh over the top.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Someone who found the lord hates lutherans? WTF!
BTW, bike looks great. Hold back the tears when she leaves.