Sunday, May 01, 2011

Don’t Look Now But Ricketts Just Blinked

Far be it for me, a dedicated White Sox fan, to throw mud at the Cubs while we are in the midst of our own chronic suckitude. But I will anyway. Tee-hee.

Things aren’t going too well at the friendly confines these days. I don’t mean the play on the field, that’s to be expected. I mean a lack of butts in the seats.

Empty seats at Wrigley are unheard of.

For weeks I have seen ChiTrib and Chicago Slum-Times articles noting that there is a lot of green in Wrigley during games and they don’t mean that eco-friendly nonsense guilt.

This one caught my eye Friday.

A new promotion offers $3 beers and $1 dogs for anyone sitting in the Wrigley outfield bleachers. Is Seven-Eleven behind this promotion? Not quite.

Pigeons in the seats and seagulls in the air.

My gut tells me that most seats are paid for but the fans are sending a message.

Can it be? We’ll see if this keeps up.


Terry from Crown Point said...

My guess is that cub fans aren't going to win the attendance world series. Could this mean that they are no longer in the yankee and red sox class anymore?
Where's Harry? The stands look like the lee elia era.The seagulls (rats w/ wings) are a nice touch. Turn it on Sox!!

Dan from Madison said...

I still think it is hilarious that baseball wouldn't let mark cuban buy the Cubs. I personally hate the guy but he has done a good job with the Mavs.

As long as the tickets are sold, I imagine the Cubs really don't care if the fans show up or not - sure they are losing out on concessions, but that creates more litter and work to clean up afterward so that is offset a bit. The Cubs don't make any money on parking since they have none.

I would be interested to see an actual attendance comparison - I wonder if these seats are just now getting empty, or if the cold weather games always have empties. Maybe the Cubs could scalp their own tickets some more at lower prices to get butts in the stands, or god forbid if there are actually tickets left donate them to boys or girls clubs as charity to create fans and goodwill (and a tax writeoff). Nah, makes too much sense.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Dan, I think you are on to something w/ regards to the concession revenue. G from V showed me years ago how much the Mcasks make on concessions @ bears games. It's incredible! Good thing to tailgate and not partake once in the stadium. Looks to me like their not selling as many cub dogs or over priced beers @ rigly these days.