Saturday, May 28, 2011

Bar Night or (Not The) J*onas Brother

I was out for a few drinks after dinner on Friday night and if I am somewhere that looks interesting I take out my cheap little blog camera, set it on something (hopefully) flat, turn on the 10 second timer, and see what comes up.


Here is a view of Pippins, a small wood paneled place on Rush Street. The place was packed with drunks but everyone seemed happy.


Later we went over to Streeters a couple of blocks away, billed as "The Best Bar Underground". I did my old point the camera and see what happens towards some guys playing beer pong.


Then something hilarious happened. The guy in the tie and his friend came over to us (they were friendly)and asked if we took their picture because we thought he was a J*nas Brother (don't want a billion hits) because he said that happens "all the time". I laughed and said I was just taking a picture of some people playing beer pong but that was completely unexpected. I guess he does look a bit like one of them - note how he is staying still for the shot. And if you wear a tie like that out on a Friday night it probably helps complete the look. Very funny.

And finally if you do go to Streeters and you hear a huge crash it is the giant Jenga game they have with huge graffiti encrusted wooden blocks.


Gerry from Valpo said...

I remember a Pippin's from the early 70's.

Is it on Rush just north of Chicago Ave. on the west side?

Trooper York said...

Most of the joints I go to have guys thaking photos....but they are usually the FBI.

Gerry from Valpo said...

Be on the lookout for Larry Meade-Althouse...he's quite the shutterbugger.

Carl from Chicago said...

That is the same exact pippins. Not much has changed except that they have a fancy high tech jukebox