Friday, April 22, 2011

Late Night TV

A couple of nights ago after the Bulls game (which started at 8:30pm) I got home so jacked up that I couldn't sleep. So I went through some of the shows stacked on our DVR.

MOTORHEAD was on a talk show! And unlike typical bands which play their latest songs (that you don't want to hear) they came out with "Ace of Spades" which of course was completely awesome. Luckily Lemmy hasn't forgotten that song yet.

And Uma was on too. For many years my tipping philosophy was 1) 50% of the tip based on service 2) 50% was based on degree of similarity of our waitress to Uma Thurman.


Dan from Madison said...

Sweet I will have to try to find that show on hulu, what show was motorhead on?

Carl from Chicago said...

Jimmy Fallon

April 13

Dan from Madison said...

WOW that was F*CKING awesome. More bands need to take note of the masters from time to time. The guitar wasn't mixed in enough but pretty minor in the big scheme.

I am surprised that Lemmy is alive like Dave Mustaine these guys have seventy lives.

Dan from Madison said...

I should add that I think Ace of Spades might be the perfect metal song - beginning, middle, end, no b.s.