Wednesday, April 27, 2011

If Someone Would Shut Off The Damn Spiggot…

…I’m gone fishin.

I recall a few unusually rainy springs in the past. Just as this one, they never seem to end. And I hate fishing in the rain. Hell, there have been few mild dry days this year to even get the boat out onto the driveway to see if it will start up and run.

What a great time of year this is. We love going up to southwestern Michigan for the early bass and crappie in late April and early May. Maybe even a few snakey-wakey pike.

Once up there we may even spot a few morel mushrooms in the woods, just enough to cook up a buttery gravy that will smother a carefully grilled fine beef tenderloin filet or a venison backstrap. And there’s that tender Michigan asparagus.

Maybe next week, if N doesn’t call with a good wild turkey report for southwestern Illinois, it’s off to Michigan I go.

Dreaming. Again.


Dan from Madison said...

I feel your pain, we are drenched up here as well with more on the way. We can't get anything done at the farm, just too muddy. All the farmers around here are getting a VERY late start on things.

Terry from Crown Point said...

I wasted 2 sawbucks on grass seed to over seed my back yard. It's probably washed into the sewer by now. Could have bought some nice minnows or softshells with those bucks. Can't wait to <*})))))><]