Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Some Idle Time On My Hands – With Observations

Since I have not had a big assignment or an on-site project in Chicago for the past week (Carl, please take note), it gets boring at times here at the old country bunker. So I’ve been performing routine maintenance on my internal combustion, carbon spewing engines and preparing the property for the change of seasons. Other than that there is not much going on due to this unusually long spell of frigid early spring weather.

When I really get bored I trip around on the internets to read some blogs and catch up on current events. From the looks of it there are many others like me who have a lot of time on their hands as well.

One rather famous female blogger has a newish live-in houseboy that manages to make better use of his idle time than I do. Then again, he seems to have waaay more idle time when he’s not busy servicing his meal ticket.

His sweetie has nicknamed him “New Media Meade” because he has been spending a lot of his free time strolling around Madison snapping images and recording video of those whackjob moonbat union protesters who never seem to go away. She proudly posts his photos and videos on her blog, which gains most of its attention by being sidebar linked at Instapundit, another law school professor. Who knew?

Here’s one of my favorites from New Media Meade and it’s..like...a totally awesome new media cutting-edge investigative journalistic video.

Confronting moonbats while armed with video seems to be his specialty. Well, bless his pea-pickin’ heart. What some folks won't do to earn their fifteen minutes of fame. When is enough enough? Apparently, not soon enough.

His sweetie must have taped that one. She always gives herself credit for editing his video as if he is not capable of doing so himself. Good boy, New Media Meade! Good boy! Now go fetch. Fetch some raw video for me to edit.

But what most of the many folks who visit his sweetie’s blog don’t know is that “New Media Meade” has expanded his role by collecting images at protests she just might not approve of. Undaunted, New Media Meade just cannot help himself, he is drawn to a protest just like the moth to a flame. Here’s one.

Yes, that New Media Meade sure goes to great lengths in order to find and digitally document those human oddities in the crowd and maybe that’s why I admire him so much.

He seems to have no limit in his relentless search to deliver images that the mainstream media refuses to publish. What a team!

And thanks to his benevolent sweetie these images are out there on the internets for you, me, and the rest of the world to take note.

No protest too big and no protest too small, New Media Meade risks his life and spares no expense to photograph them all.

It makes me wonder, what is his sweetie doing with her time? As a law professor at a Big 10 11 12 university I would think there are classes to prepare for, lectures to speak at and papers to grade. Faculty meetings, speaking engagements and all of the above would take an enormous amount of time. One would think. Wrong-o.

The professor finds time to publish up to 400 blog posts per month documenting her traveling around the country, skiing, biking, hanging out at cafes and sightseeing all while dragging New Media Meade around with her. What a gal. How does she ever find time to sleep? And how long can New Media Meade keep up?

I have enough trouble finding the time to post two blog entries per week so she is simply amazing to me. I would like to think she performs a service to readers everywhere by bringing us current events, opinions, distorted fisheye lens images, café table photos and all the wonderful image work that New Media Meade captures in his lust for outing those moonbat protesters as well.

And then there are those wonderful Bloggingheads videos. You know, the ones where she interviews notable personalities and discusses world conflicts?

Who can forget that Bloggingheads interview she had with Aunt Esther? Her philosophical insights to why Aunt Esther and Fred Sanford never got along were as enlightening as anything I have ever seen.

Esther got out of hand as usual but the calming, mature, matronly voice of Ann the law professor managed to bring Esther back down to earth for some serious discussion.

And then there was the famous Bloggingheads discussion with Pee Wee. She managed to draw information out of him that only a defense attorney could. Pee Wee eventually disclosed where he got that famous bike after several minutes of answering, “I know you are but what am I”.

When Ann casually mentioned to Pee Wee that she just loved the camera that her new houseboy uses, all Pee Wee could say was, ”If you love his camera so much then why don’t you marry it”.

Good question, Pee Wee.


Dan from Madison said...

Jesus H. Christ on a pogo stick this is funny.

I guess the guy is retired or something. As for Ann, we have met a few times here in Madtown and she is quite a nice person.

I also have no idea how she finds the time to do so much blogging, but whatever.

Meade said...

Funny funny stuff. Dan, let's all meet at Barrique's for scotch and coffee sometime. You say when - my schedule is wwwiiiide open.

Dan from Madison said...

Well, my blogmate Gerry is responsible for this post, but I am always up for scotch.

Meade said...

And by "wwwiiiide open," what I mean is purportedly wwwiiiide open.

Kithy said...

Well done!

Mutaman said...

There's no way New Media Meade could be retired- the concept of retirement requires having worked at a job at some point in your life.

I think the good taxpayers of Wisconsin should forget about Walker and start protesting the fact that they are spending big bucks on Althouse and New Media Meade (I assume he collects on her publicly funded health insurance) , and obviously getting so little in return.

Dan from Madison said...

If memory serves, Meade ran or is running his own business. Have no clue what that business is.

Your point is spot on Mutaman - the Althouses have a lot to lose with Walker's bill and yet they report on the protests in a way that doesn't exactly flatter the protesters/unions. Nice for a change if you ask me.

Mutaman said...

1. If you can call sitting in your skivies in front of your computer "running his own business".

2. Althouse has long been after a commentator gig on Fox. Its not like shes sacrificing anything by attacking union members for driving snow plows around the square or affixing tape to the walls of the capital.

Edwin said...

Mutaman: Why you hatin', bro?

Trooper York said...

Very funny guys.

But did you ask the Crack Emcee or Bob Wright if you could use their photos?

They are funny that way.

Trooper York said...

Mutaman is the Aaron Stemple of the Althouse blog.

(obscure sixties TV reference)

Dan from Madison said...

Trooper York - that is funny stuff.

Dan from Madison said...

And Godwin's Law should also apply to Fox News.

Trooper York said...

Hey I have been reading your baseball posts and they are pretty good.

It's nice to hear what people think from a minor league city have to say. So to speak.

Trooper York said...

Is Ghorman Thomas gonna make the team this year?

I don't follow the Brewers all that much.

blake said...

Meade is Mark Lenard?

Mutaman said...

"Mutaman: Why you hatin', bro?"

I think it all started when Althouse posted about seeing the N word in the kid's pajamas in the Hillary Clinton ad.

Or maybe when she speculated that Jose Padilla was made to wear goggles so he wouldn't blink coded messages to his cohorts in al Qaida.

Or maybe it was the time she claimed an onion ring was a vagina symbol.

You want more?

I confess: I hate stupidity.

Edwin said...

Mutaman: Why does Althouse rent so much space in your head?

Trooper York said...

I think he might have asked her out or something. He seems real jealous of Meade for some reason.

Skippy said...

Mutaman -- Bouquets to you! You're right about Althouse feeding at the public trough...it's not as if she's been a privately employed attorney, working those 14-billable-hour days for the last 20 years that my friends in practice have done. No, she's spending hours on the internet daily blogging and gloating about retiring with her "nice pension" that she would gladly see taken apart for the other public employees, the hoi polloi. Is the state getting its full value for the law professor chasing the goofballs in the public square?

Trooper York said...

Sort of like a Met fan who can only talk about the payroll when they could do the same thing if they only had the balls to spend the money to go after what they wanted.

It's kinda sad really.

Mutaman said...

"I think he might have asked her out or something."

Rule # 1 : Never date a lawyer. We are professional arguers. The rest of you are just amateurs. We get paid to do it.

Trooper York said...

Well that may be true but don't all lawyers suck. Some of them must be really good at it. Just sayn'

Mutaman said...

"Sort of like a Met fan who can only talk about the payroll when they could do the same thing if they only had the balls to spend the money to go after what they wanted.

It's kinda sad really."

what a dopey analogy. First of all, the Mets don't have any money to spend because they're being sued for a trillion
dollars and can't unload any of their assets.

Second, what does becomming a professor have to do with balls or spending money?

Third, does this sound like the old Trooper is a friggin Yankees fan? That explains a lot.

Trooper York said...

It's not a dopey analogy at all buddy boy. The Mets have all the resources they need to spend just as much as the Yankees. They have just as big a fan base maybe bigger with all the former National League fans in NYC. They have their own sports network. Instead of using these advantages wisely they have squandered them on trying to make money with a crook. If they had spent the money on the team instead of Madoff they could have been a lot better off.

It's the same as wasting your time bitching and moaning about someone else's good fortune. Wether it is becoming a law professor, having a popular blog or even finding someone to love and marry.

Some people do it. Other people fail and just complain about. Some people are winners. Some are losers.

Some are Yankee fans. Some are Mets fans.

Your right it explains a lot.

Trooper York said...

That's not to say that my good buddy Meade didn't move to crazytown when he got married. But they seem happy and who are we to attack him because of his lifestyle choices. If you don't like his coverage of the union's bitch fest then attack the coverage. Not him personally.

Of course you guys can do what ever you want on your blog. Thank you for letting me make my stupid comments.

Mutaman said...

"Some are Yankee fans. Some are Mets fans. Your right it explains a lot."

You've convinced me. I'm going to start rooting for Goldman Sachs tomorrow.

By the way, too bad about you guys spending a trillion dollars, not winning your division, and then getting embarresed in the first round of the playoffs. My advice on the upcoming season- spend some more money.

Trooper York said...

Hey you can't win every year. Even though you are supposed to based on everyone else's expectations. You can just be good enough to get to the playoffs and have a chance and a hot pitcher or slugger can knock you out. We have a great shot this year. The Red Sox and the Phillies are really overrated this year and we can come in and expose them.

Oh and you know what METS stands for right.

My Entire Team Sucks.

Just sayn'

Mutaman said...

Sure-a great chance. As long as that head case Burnett you're paying $15 mill per does a complete
180, and as long as Jeter, A Rod, Posada, Rivera, and A rod defy the laws of aging. Baseball's become a young man's game. The Yankees won't win 90 games. Spend more money.

Dan from Madison said...

Well, this thread went off the rails, but hey, thats the tubes for ya.

As far as the Brewers go TY, they look pretty good this year with something resembling a starting rotation, although Grienke is out for a few weeks from a BASKETBALL injury. We may win the division (in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king sort of thing) if we can stay healthy. Big if.

tim maguire said...

I'm pleased to see Reverend Billy in there. For a guy who hates capitalism so much, he seems to have solid financing (Freud alert: I originally typed "soiled financing").

blake said...


You left out Obama's -- or was it Kerry's? -- ear piece!

It's just a hazard of shootin' from the hip. I think if I blogged that much I'd have said at least as many off-the-wall things. (Maybe I have!)

Trooper York said...

Dude, I thought only Mussolini worried about keeping things on the rails!

Mutaman said...

"We may win the division (in the land of the blind the one eyed man is king sort of thing) if we can stay healthy. Big if"

Sorry Buddy, you don't have the defense or the speed to compete with the Reds. You better hope they suffer a lot of injuries.

Trooper York said...

Big opening day win for the Yankees!

Only 161 more to go for an undefeated season. That's the goal.

Dan from Madison said...

Heartbreak for my brewers. Bah

Meade said...

Walk-off elation for my Reds.

Meade said...

Wire to wire. That's the goal.

Dan from Madison said...

Ugh I forgot you were from cincy! At least we know you can't make chili worth a damn.

Meade said...

Let's have a cook-off, dandy Dan.

I'll put my chili up against anyone's.

Dan from Madison said...

You don't put that ridiculous spaghetti underneath it do you? Because if you do we can't play.

Mutaman said...

Meade, your a Reds Fan? All is forgiven. I go back to Vada. Your politics suck but I will never post anything bad about you again.

Mutaman said...

We went wire to wire back in 1990 with Eric, Jose Rijo, and the Nasty Boys. Then we swept Tony Larusso's ass.

Meade said...

No spaghetti.

In 1990, I was in a SI photo with two buddies as we sat behind the Reds dugout late in the season during the critical 4 game series with SF. The photo shows us reaching for the foul ball as Hal Morris went head over heels into the dugout going for that out. Buddy to my right caught the ball. Reds one the series. Yep - wire to wire. What a year.

Guess I'll have to forgive you too, Muta.