Wednesday, March 02, 2011

Saturday at the Protest - 2-26-11 - Part Three - Video

Video and a brief description of each below from the protests last Saturday. I say the word "man" too much and I swear too much. I will be working on both in the future.

Even last Saturday I was taking photos and video and moving on quickly, not really trying to say too much in front of anyone. I still was getting a few cockeyed looks and was a bit surprised. Ann Althouse in her last few posts on the subject is reporting that some are losing their grip a bit down there. Worth reading her blog if you have a few moments. I have a feeling that it is only a matter of time before there is hardcore violence either in or around the capitol.

My crowd estimate of "5 to 10 thousand" in this video is very very wrong, that number isn't even close.

This was some sort of accident. I figured out later that I was actually in the middle of a group of Madison city workers that were parading through the center of the capitol and that is why I got into the capitol building so easily.

Same deal as the last video - I was still in the procession of city workers and I zipped right through the epicenter of the protest. They would organize certain groups outside and then that particular group would parade through the center of the rotunda.

I think the look on the woman's face when she sees me filming the garbage and used signs piled up on the war memorial says it all.

Garbage, and the trashing of the capitol. Again, I think I am in the wrong place as the hallway was cleared for another parade.

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Carl from Chicago said...

Great videos. Thanks for going down there and showing everyone all the useless claptrap.

Terry from Crown Point said...

Dan, you are the man, man. Personally I much prefer the term man over dude everyday. Thanks much for that inside look at what the miscreants are doing to your state capitol. Disgusting! Your video of yourself reminds me of what Mart!n Scorse$e did w/ Harv3y Keit3l in his movie mean streeets, when he strapped a movie camera to the front of him while he walked around to the tune about rubber biscuits. It looked like you were walking among some rubber biscuits yourself.
Nice videos!

Sk8 said...

Insti and brietbart would be proud, take video of it all.

Dan from Madison said...

Yep - it needs to be documented. I am essentially shouting into a toilet, but the few that stop by here will be glad to see these wackjobs in their full glory.

Chris said...

I am glad to hear that this mess will be going away soon. It's time to restore order and kick the Wisconsin folks out of Illinois and back to their jobs.